Goodman has an ownership interest in 389 high quality industrial and business space properties in 17 countries and 34 cities globally.

The Group’s property investment portfolio consists of $2.3 billion of direct property investments in Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom, and $2.9 billion of cornerstone investments across our managed fund platform. The size and quality of our portfolio at the Group level and across our managed funds, combined with our focus on active asset management, ensure that our properties are well positioned to meet the needs of our customer base around the world and to provide consistent returns for our investors. We continually assess opportunities to reposition assets for better performance, including the adaptive reuse of older style industrial properties, and assessment of other higher and better use opportunities.

Third party AUM by region
Japan 4%
New Zealand 8%
UK 10%
Greater China 13%
Continental Europe 17%
Australia 48%

During the year, we also recycled a number of stabilised properties and development land assets in the ordinary course of business across the Group and our managed funds, with the proceeds being reinvested into new opportunities across our business. In this regard, we disposed of 22 properties, providing $751 million of capital.

Industrial and business
space properties